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The Many Uses for Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns have literally dozens of uses with new and creative ways popping up nearly every day. While sky lanterns have been a tradition for many centuries throughout Asia for all sorts of celebrations like Chinese New Year, they are quickly gaining a foothold in the United States because of the fun they offer and their affordable price. Here are a few of the most popular uses for sky lanterns that we are aware of:

Sky Lanterns for Weddings
Many couples are choosing to have sky lanterns at their wedding. We most commonly hear of two ways they are being used at weddings, either a single sky lantern being released by a couple to symbolize unity, or all of the guests at the wedding releasing them together for stunning aerial displays.

Sky Lanterns for Birthdays
Birthday parties are another popular time to use sky lanterns. They are quickly becoming a popular way to give the birthday person a “wish” rather than when they blow out their candles; which is why they are sometimes called “wish lanterns”.

Sky Lanterns New Year’s Eve
When large groups of people release sky lanterns in unison, you can create some of the most stunning and magnificent aerial displays imaginable. For large celebrations like New Year’s Eve, sky lanterns are a great way to make a statement at midnight and “release” all the troubles and bad moments from the previous year as you begin a new one. Sky lanterns can also be used to symbolize a loved one that has passed during the previous year to pay tribute and celebrate as if they were still standing there with you.